What if you could control a computer screen with just your eyes?

Well that’s the vision of Eyefluence, a Silicon Valley-based startup that is working on technology for hands-free navigation.

The team has been working on prototypes, testing it out with augmented reality glasses equipped with cameras that can assess where you’re looking at any given time. Users can click on icons with a glance.

The super secretive team gave us an early look at their technology, demonstrating in the above video how it could be used for everything from online shopping to texting. (They call it eye-messages, ha).

The technology “moves as fast as you can think,” said Jim Marggraff, founder and CEO. He said that unlike some of the other eye-tracking technology, Eyefluence works “without winking and without waiting.”

It is their emphasis on biomechanics which they think will set them apart. Eyefluence claims they have the first user interface based on the “eye-brain connection.”

more at techcrunch.com

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